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    Victory And Unity Toward November

    I am honored to announce that Republican voters throughout Seminole County have elected me to be their next State Committeeman. I am excited about the opportunity to serve as one of the three top-ranking party leaders in Seminole and to build a Republican party that can answer the challenges facing our generation of voters.

    I would like to express my gratitude to Ray Valdes, who has been serving as our State Committeeman. Mr. Valdes announced that he would not seek re-election and graciously endorsed me for this position. I look forward to continuing his history of service to our party.

    I am proud of how we accomplished this. We did it through making even small donations go a long way. We hand-delivered more than 10,000 flyers to doors throughout the area. Although a poll taken two weeks ago showed the race tied, we worked to earn every vote and moved the needle 13% with just $6,000.

    I look forward to working with Chairman Jeffrey Bauer and newly elected State Committeewoman Susie Dolan to provide the energetic leadership and unity of mission that we have come to expect from the Seminole County GOP. Together, we can keep Seminole County on the right track.

    As I’ve reflected on the victory, I am honored to have received 56% of the vote and surprised that this was actually one of the higher totals among candidates. I am more keenly aware that 43% of voters did not vote for me. In fact, most winning candidates in Seminole County had at least 45% and some more than 50% who did not vote for them.

    To put it frankly, this is a divided Republican electorate, and one that needs to heal. The best way to heal division is through the humility of the winners.

    56% is not a mandate. Therefore, I promise not to overly interpret the meaning of results through the lens of my own selfish desire for vindication as anything more than a divided vote which broke slightly for me based on factors largely outside of our control.

    To my fellow winners: this isn’t a time to gloat or spin what your victories mean. It’s a time to weep with those who weep and open the door to the majorities that voted against you.

    If you didn’t vote for me and are disappointed that I won, I promise to work for you so that you will become more disappointed that you didn’t vote for me.

    Let’s move forward together in humility and unity so that we win this November.