This is an important time for the future of our party and country. Like you, I am concerned about where our country is headed, and committed to work for a Republican party that is equal to the task of answering the challenges of our generation.

The best hope we have to advance our values and cause is to develop an effective state party that can demonstrate the benefits of limited government and individual liberty by working to elect state and national leadership to carry these forward.

We have an incredible opportunity with GOP control for some common sense, conservative solutions to our country’s longstanding problems. Let's do our part to make sure that we govern well and don’t waste this amazing opportunity to lead the RIGHT way!


Jesse is a husband and proud father of four whose passion is to work to make Seminole county better by getting and keeping Republicans in office.


BIOGRAPHYJesse PhillipsRepublican State Committeeman

Jesse Phillips is an IT Consultant and community advocate who lives in Winter Springs with his wife Rebekah and four homeschooled children. He was elected State Committeeman for the Seminole GOP having worked tirelessly for the last decade to educate voters, defend free speech, promote values of faith and family, combat human trafficking, oppose judicial activism and serve as an ordained elder of his Orlando area church. He is a UCF graduate and a sixteen-year Seminole County resident.